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Why Use Castle Cleaning?

Castle Cleaning will give you a true deep down clean, leave no residue in the fibre, give you the quickest dry times, only use qualified technicians, fully insured and above all, guarantee to give you a service you will recommend and use again because we care and have invested in the best to give you the best. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Truck mounted cleaning systems are considered the best machines at hot water extraction, this method is used by over 70 of carpet cleaners and regarded as the best way to remove soiling. This fact is also backed by nearly all carpet manufacturers, research indicates that it provides the best capability for cleaning.
  • Truck mounted hot water extraction equipment is recommended over portable systems, this is quite simply because of greater heat, this will speed up the molecular movement making extraction far easier, oils are broken down, dust mites destroyed and the natural spring in the carpet restored.

THIS IS THE ONLY CLEANING METHOD CLASSIFIED AS "DEEP CLEANING" all other conventional methods are considered light-medium surface cleaners because they just cant remove soil deep down in the pile, they will also leave much higher levels of cleaning product behind encouraging re-soiling to be much quicker and therefore defeat the whole purpose.

  • Vacuum: this is the big one for us, as truck mount will deliver upto 4-5 times the vacuum of a portable, this is so important to you the customer, it means dryer carpets. Very little product residue, less dirt, diminished chances of browning meaning much less bacteria in the air as all the waste is vacuumed back to the van unlike a portable which simply recirculates it back in the room its in for you to inhale and your other surface to collect, this will also disturb your IAQ indoor air quality
  • IAQ: simply this is the quality of air within the cleaning area. A truck mount will externally exhaust their spent vacuum, which contains humidity, bacteria, products being used or been used and many other goodies that may be in the surface

The most important reason why you should have your carpets cleaned by a professional:

Hot water extraction will remove all the obvious soiling and spots but you also want it to remove the deep down hidden soils. Your carpets are the biggest filter in your home or business, it acts similar to an air conditioner filter , it collects all the soiling tracked in and holds onto it, unlike you hard surfaces. Your carpet is designed to hide the soil, soiling which includes:

Dirt, sand, food particles, soil, bio contaminants allergens (dust mites), dead skin cells and much more. The carpet will hang onto these until removed. You will remove some with your regular vacuuming but professional deep cleaning at least every 9 to 18 months is important in removing nearly 100% of contaminants left behind making the surface look and feel good again.

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