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Wall, Fence and Garden Furniture Cleaning

Our pressure washing services incorporate either a van mounted unit which carries its own water or a portable unit which uses your water supply. Each can deliver up to 4000 psi.

You have invested your money in the look of your home or business, unfortunately with the out door elements these surfaces will soon lose their look and can appear offensive. This look is the first impression anyone gets when visiting your home or business.

F or the past 6 years or more Castle Cleaning have been renewing external fences bringing them back to new.

As our pictures show, even the heavily weathered surfaces can be restored.
External surfaces attract dirt and can be difficult to clean effectively. Alkaline cleaners will discolour and damage surfaces, while acidic cleaners will etch the surface, allowing dirt to cling more readily. Using the correct cleaning solutions and the truck mount, we can deliver a really long lasting clean.

Decking and Wood Cleaning
We can apply seals, stains and anti slip products to help protect and preserve your investment. We are also registered installers of Smartseal acrylic paving sealers and sealants. We can seal most paved surfaces to make them water proof and less vulnerable to the elements of weeds, moss, algae and other forms of surface damage.

Cleaning Services

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