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Pathway and Patio Cleaning Maidstone


Over time due to changes in weather, plant growth etc lichen, algae and moss can become common on your patio or pathway no matter whether the surface is block paving or tiled or concrete.

Castle Cleaning can offer 4 different stages of patio cleaning and pathway cleaning when it comes to pressure washing your patio or pathway to brighten the appearance and in a lot of cases make it look as good as it did the day it was 1st laid!

Stage 1: The area is pressure cleaned using our truck mounted machine, the dirty water washed away to an appropriate wash down zone or sucked back to the van if there is no appropriate wash down zone. The area is then washed down properly to remove any dirt that may have been flicked up onto surrounding plants, windows etc.

Stage 2: As above followed by the area being treated with a weed killer to delay the re-growth of weeds for up to a period of 6 months.

Stage 3: The above 2 followed by re-sanding. The re-sanding usually only applies to block paving.

Stage 4: All of the above (stage 3 if necessary) followed by a clear matt or gloss finish sealant. There are a number of advantages of applying the sealant. Firstly the sealant can enhance the appearance of the surface and make it look like the day it was first laid. It can prevent substances such as oil soaking into the surface making removal a lot easier and more effective. The sealant can also prevent the surface from fading, enhance the colour of the surface and is hard wearing.

Please note that before the kiln dried sand or the sealant is applied the surface must be completely dry. This could mean coming back the next day or the next week especially if the weather conditions are poor on the day of the clean.

Imprinted Concrete And Sealing
Due to rise in popularity more of these surfaces are being installed but still require regular maintenance as they will over time lose their colour, sealants will ware and will require maintenance to keep your investment looking good and protected.

imprinted concrete

When the imprinted concrete becomes dull and patchy we can restore the colour or even change the colour and restore the surface to look like it did when first laid. It is advised that the surface is re-sealed every 2-3 years to keep it protected and preserve the surface and colour, which is a surface we can offer.

Tarmac Restoration
Over time tarmac surfaces will lose some of their original colour and also damage may occur with areas cracking up. If this is the case we can offer our restoration service to restore the look of the tarmac back to its original colour and carry out any small repairs that may be required.

The benefits of this service are that you wont require the surface to be re-laid reducing costs dramatically and very minimal disruption. It restores the resins to the tarmac Helps to stop cracking and break up of the tarmac.

Please look at our before and after photos which demonstrate the possible transformation when using this service.

Repairs and remedial works:

  • Sunken areas of block paving
  • Removal of old pointing and replacement
  • Relaying of block paving and slabs
  • Extending existing areas to patios and paths
  • Walls and fencing removed and replaced
  • Decking installation



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