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Decking Cleaning


Is your Decking looking out dated? Does it look like it needs replacing? Well not to worry as Castle Cleaning have the solution to your problem.

It is very common for Decking to become covered with algae and start to look dull. This could be due to the placement of the decking e.g. under a lot of plant growth or shielded from sunlight.

Over the years we have pressure washed many customers decking and the results are always excellent and rewarding for us as a company.

With our truck mounted pressure washing machine and using nothing but cold water we are able to transform the look of your decking, and in many cases bring it back to how it looked when it was first laid.

Once the decking has been cleaned and is completely dry we can offer to put a timber preservative down which will enhance the colour of your decking and prolong the life of it.

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