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Carpet Cleaning Services in Kent

We can clean any type of carpet including CREAM CARPETS, WOOL CARPETS etc. Professional spot & stain removal including: coffee, tea, wine, oil, inks, lipstick, nail polish, sauces, glue, chewing gum, varnish, paint, rust plus much more.

As with all our chosen cleaning methods Castle Cleaning will carry out a full survey. This is simply to highlight pre existing problems and outline what to expect from our services

We will carry out a deep pre vacuum. This will remove all non soluble soils which can be up to 80% of soiling in the carpet. This is compose of dirt, sand, soil, oil, grease gypsum, dead skin cells, food particles, dust mites and much more.

Staining that the technician feels may cause problems are treated prior to the extraction process as these may appear as a result of wicking (this is when the soil from below the pile surface rises to the top). But as any professional will tell you there will be certain stains which will be impossible to remove as colour damage is present also every carpet cleaner will come across permanent damage caused by the client using wrong techniques and solutions.

After carrying out fibre tests to make sure the chosen method of cleaning is safe a pre spray solution is applied. This specially formulated solution will suspend and loosen the soiling from the fibres. This will be left to dwell to really perform well.

Agitation of the pre spray to make sure all the fibre has made contact with the solution. This will be carried out using a pile brush or mechanical scrubbing.

Hot water extraction is our preferred method of rinsing the soil from the fibres. Using our high powered truck mounts we will inject hot water directly onto the face of the carpets and then extract all the dirty soiling back to our van leaving your carpets clean and fresh and dry in approximately 2 to 6 hours depending on what the fibre and construction is being cleaned. What we can promise is the quickest dry times from any deep hot water extraction system.

As the carpet is now clean and fresh a recommended treatment is to have them protected. This will involve a dupont Teflon product sprayed over the surface, once dry this will give your carpet extra protection against soils and stains making vacuuming easier and stains easier to remove. Invest in this service to protect your investment..

We will groom your carpet with a pile brush. This simply lifts the pile upright to speed up the drying and leave your carpet looking and feeling good again.

Drying, air movers may be used while the cleaning is taking place. These are installed to dry carpets with in a very short time.

Remember quick drying is a very important part of having anything deep cleaned by hot water extraction.

When Castle Cleaning carry out any carpet cleaning we will move furniture (providing damage to the item or operative will not occur) electrical items i.e. TVs may cause moving problems and Health and Safety and replace on protective pads.

Once all the works scheduled have been completed an inspection is required by the customer, providing all is completed to your expectations a form is signed and payment made on the day unless 30 day account has been arranged.

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